Congratulations!!! Dear Parents, We are pleased to inform you that our school has been granted Affiliation by CBSE Board. We are extremely thankful all of you for your kind support. Lets join hands in creating a better future for our students. SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, UNNAO

The task of choosing a school that is right for your child is no doubt uppermost in your mind. We recognize the importance of working in patnership with parents and the wider community and hope that your interest in our institution is the start of a happy and productive working relationship between home and school.

The most important part of any school is the quality of relationships. Above all, S.A.J.S. school is a happy school with a supporting and learning environment for all students. As a result young people will grow in confidence and will be able to participate in this wide range of opportunities available at SAJS. We encourage our students to follow their interest develop new skills and most importantly, fully enjoy all aspects of school life.

We want our students to reach their full potential by following a learning programme that meets their individual needs. We want our young people to learn how to learn, articulate and to make a positive contribution so that they can take their places as active, thoughtful citizens of the 21st century.

We pride ourselves on being a future ready , happy school, unique in its teaching methodologies while upholding the indian ethos.

Ms. Anjali Bajpai