Congratulations!!! Dear Parents, We are pleased to inform you that our school has been granted Affiliation by CBSE Board. We are extremely thankful all of you for your kind support. Lets join hands in creating a better future for our students. SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, UNNAO


1.1- Registration Forms are to be filled inand submitted to the school office before the end of the registration period.

1.2- Incomplete or ilegible Registration forms, without photographs will not be processed/accepted.

1.3- Dates for test/interviews/interaction will be given at the time of registration. The school authorities reserve the riht to change the date and time of the interview.

1.4- Mere issue of form or registration does not confirm admission which is subject to admissuon Test/interviews/interaction and also to the availability of seats

1.5- Photocopy of Birth Certifcate issued by Municipal Corporation or concerned civic authority must accompany the Registration Form for classes Nursery & Prep. Photocopy of report card of the last exam passedmust be attached with the Registraion form for clases I & above.

1.6- Age of admission to class Nursery is 3.5 yrs. to 4.5 yrs. on 1st April of the academic session in which admission is being sought. Age should be properly specified onthe forms. Request for relaxation of age criterian will not be entertained.


2.1- Entrrance Test/Interviews:

  1. There will be a written test for the students seeking admission to classes I upwards.
  2. Result will be displayed on the Notice Board on the dates specfied.

2.2- Admission Formalities:

  1. Sucessful candidates whose names are icluded in the list must pay the fees by the dates indicated on the list, displayed on the school notice board, otherwise admission will automatically cacelled.
  2. The date of birth of child is required to be supported by the birth certificate in original issued by the municipal corporation/local bodies as applicable, along with a certified photostat copy thereof. For class I and above Transfer certificate is to be attached. For Class V & Above Transfer certificate must be counter signed by the concerned state education Authority is case of change of state.
  3. The admit card will be  issued to parents onlyafter form is duly filled and the registration formalities are completed.
  4. Your ward has to report in complete school uniform, along with books and stationary as prescribed by the school on the very first day (uniform books and stationery are available at the school books and uniform shop).



3.1- Application for withdrawal is to be made on a prescribed proforma available in the school office. No child is withdrawn till a written request from parents is put up.

3.2- A one month notice period or one month notice fee is required for withdrawal.

3.3- Clearance must be obtained from the laboratory and library incharge before applying for withdrawal.

3.4- Transfer certificate will be issued after 15 days of the receipt of the application and clearance of all.



4.1- Request for using the bus/van must be made at the beginning of the session i.e. April. No request will be entertained during the mid session.

4.2- Existing routes will continue to ply. Change in routes and bus/van stops will not be entertained during the session.

4.3- It will be the sole responsibility of the parents to escort the pupil to and from the fixed bus/van stops. The bus/van facility is extended at the sole risk and responsibility of the parents.

4.4- Any suggestions or complaints should be reported to the transport incharge. Parents are requested to treat the bus/ van staff kindly.



5.1- Management reserves the right to modify, alter and/ or include any other terms and conditions that may be deemed fit in the interest of the Institution.

5.2- The Jaipuria School reserves its rights to change the fee Structure.



6.1- The school has a well equipped dispensary to deal with emergency.

6.2- The school provides facilities of first-aid only.

6.3- The school cannot be held responsible for injury suffered by a child. No reimbursement of charges would be made towards any medical treatment.



  1. At the time of admission, fee is payable by bank draft/pay order only at the school office.
  2. Fee is to be paid in advance for every two months before the end of the first month. Fee once paid are not refundable , unless specified otherwise.
  3. Payment of fee by cheques shall be accepted by our banker up to last day of the first month of a term in which the payment falls due. Thereafter payment will be accepted by the school office through cheques only.
  4. Cheques should be drawn i favour of SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, payable at local baks.
  5. In case cheques is dishonoured for the first time, default may be ignored, but if the cheque

is dishonoured second time during the same session, the faculty of paying by cheque would be withdrawn and payment henceforth will be accepted through pay orders only.

  1. Bank charge of Rs. 200/- would be payable by the guardians/ parents if the fee cheque is dishonoured.
  2. Fine for Late payment: After the end of the first month, fine will be charged as given below:

Rs 50/- for payment in the first fortnight, Rs 100/- for paymemt in the second fortnight,

Rs. 200/- for payment in the third fortnight, Rs. 300/- for payment in the fourth fortnight.

  1. The name of the student will be struck off the rolls if the fee is not paid by the end of the quarter and re- admission fee of Rs. 2500/- will be charged.
  2. In case of any withdrawl only security amount will be refundable.