Registrations open from December 5, 2017 for the session 2018- 19 for classes Nursery- VIII.

TODAY'S HOMEWORK                                                                 DATE: 10.12.18

  HINDI Do Pg no. 69
K.G. ENGLISH Do the given work in n/b
  MATHS Do the given work in n/b
  HINDI Do Pg no. 52 & 53
I ENGLISH Prepare for the test
II A HINDI Revise all syllabus of Hindi
  E.V.S Read Ch- 14
  ENGLISH Learn compound words
  MATHS Revsie Ch- 10
II B HINDI Prepare for test
  ENGLISH Learn compound words
  E.V.S. Learn Pg no. 82 & 88
  MATHS Revise Ch- 10
III A + B H. LIT Complete Ch- 16
  P.D.S.E Watch a story on 'Honesty' and narrate in next class
  MATHS Learn tables and practice fractions
  E. LANG Revise Tenses
IV A HINDI W/B Do Pg no. 83 
  MATHS Do Q 3 & 4 in book ex. 12 C
IV B HINDI Read Ch- 17 and write h/w
  S.ST Do pg no. 133 & 134
V MATHS Do Ex 11 F Q1 (c,b), Q2. (b,c) in h/w copy
  HINDI Write a paragraph on 'my lovely Grandfather' and write w/m hardware of Ch- 16
VI E.LIT Revise the rules
  H. LIT Learn w/m & q/a of Ch-13
  SANSKRIT Complete Ch- 13
VII H. LIT Complete Ch- 17 & 18 in book
  MATHS Do Ex 12.1 Algebric Expressions
  SCIENCE Read Ch- Reproduction in plants
VIII A H. LIT Learn Q/A of Ch- 15
  MATHS Do Ex - 13.1 Direct and inverse
  SANSKRIT Write w/m of Ch- 14
  SCIENCE Read Ch- Sound & light for oral revision
  ENGLISH Read 'B Wordsworth'
VIII B H. LIT Read Ch- 8 and do w/m
  MATHS Revise Quardilateral
  SCIENCE Revise Ch-1
  ENGLISH Do the exercises
VIII C H. LIT Prepare for test
  MATHS Revise test syllabus