Hurry Up!!Registrations open from December 21, 2018 for the session 2019-20 for classes Nursery- VIII.

Today's Homework                                                                                  Date: 19.07.19

  E.V.S Do pg no. 21
  HINDI Do pg no. 5
  MATHS Do the given work in n/b
K.G. ENGLISH Do pg no. 12 and 13
  MATHS Do pg no. 28, 29 ,30 and 31
  E.V.S Do pg no. 23 and 24
  HINDI Revise vyanjans from
ENGLISH Prepare for exam
II A MATHS Do pg no. 95, 96 in w/b
  ENGLISH  Prepare for the test
  E.V.S Do pg no. 39, 40
II B MATHS Do pg no. 99 in Maths express
  CURSIVE Do pg 29
  ENGLISH Prepare for the test
  H. LIT Learn w/m of Ch- 3
III A ENGLISH Do the given sheet. Do pg no. 9 & 10 in w/b. Prepare for the test
III B  ENGLISH Prepare for the test
  H. LIT Learn L-4 w/m & q/a
IV A ENGLISH Prepare for the test
  HINDI W/B Complete Ch- 4 
IV B  H. LIT Prepare Ch- 1 & 3 Q/A & W/M
  ENGLISH Prepare for the test
  MATHS Prepare for P.A- I syllabus
V A  ENGLISH Revise P.A- I syllabus
  S.ST Read L- 9
  SANSKRIT Revise Practisse sheet
  COMPUTER Learn exercise of Ch- 1
  MATHS Prepare Ch-1 , 2  & 3 for revision test
V B S.ST Read L- 9 Weather & climate
  ENGLISH Preparre for the test
  H. LANG Complete w/b
VI S.ST Do exercises of L- 16, Maps
  ENGLISH Learn Ex of Adjectives
  SCIENCE Revise Ch- 1
  MATHS Do Q-1,2 & 3 of Ex- 3.4
  H. LIT Complete w/b
  S.ST Prepare Ch- 2
  ENGLISH Learn the story of an invitation
  SCIENCE Revise the syllabus
  HINDI Complete the w/b
  COMPUTER Learn execises of Ch- 1
  ART Do till pg no. 21
VIII ENGLISH Learn world renowned nose
  SCIENCE Revise Ch- 2
  MATHS Prepare Ch- 3 & 16 for the test