Hurry Up!!Registrations open from December 21, 2018 for the session 2019-20 for classes Nursery- VIII.

Today's Homework                                                                    Date: 24/04/19

NURSERY ENGLISH Do the given work in n/b
  MATHS Do pg no. 4, 5
  E.V.S Do pg no. 7, Learn the names of fruits
  DRAWING Do pg no. 7
K.G. ENGLISH Do the given work in n/b
  HINDI Do the given work in n/b
  MATHS Do the given work in n/b
  ART Colour pg no. 3, 4, 5
COMPUTER Do activity of pg no. 6 & 7 of Ch- 1
  HINDI W/B Do pg no. 12, 13
  ENGLISH Read poem 'My Cat'
  MATHS Do w/s
  ART Do Pg no. 3
  E. LIT Learn Ch- 1
  E.V.S. Learn Ch- 1
  MATHS Do Exercises on Pg no. 87 & 88
  H. RANGOLI Learn w/m of Ch- 2
III A MATHS Do as set
  E. LIT Learn the Poem -My Playmate and writ it in your n/b
  E. LANG Prepare the topic - SEntences & its parts for test
  CURSIVE WRITING Do Pg no 6 to 12
  H. LANG भाषा तथा लिपियाँ याद करो I
III B H. LIT Write h/w of Ch- 3
  COMPUTER Paste pic of parts of a Computer and learn Ch- 1 
  E. LIT Read Ch- 4 and leran w/m and book exercises 
  CURSIVE WRITING Do Pg no. 5 to 10
  E.V.S. Learn book exercises of Ch- 9, 12 & 13
  MATHS Do Q3 & 4 of Ex 1 c and write tables of 6 & 7 in h/w n/b
IV A COMPUTER Learn Ch-1 Input & Output devices
  MATHS Do Ex 2 A left ques
  H. LANG Complete Ch- 2 exercises
  S.ST Leran Q/A of Ch- 2 , do map work & make food festival chart
IV B H. LIT Ch-1 learn Q no. 30 
  MATHS Do the given questions of Ex 2 (A)
  SCIENCE Write h/w of Ch- 2 (two times)
  SOCIAL Learn Ch- 1
  ENGLISH Learn Ch- 1
V A MATHS Prepare Ch- 1 for class test
  G.K. Do Ex of Ch- 4
  H. LANG वर्ण - विच्छेद करो I
  S.ST Activity- Prepare a map by using language of map from home to school
  SCIENCE Learn define terms of L- 5
V B SANSKRIT पठ धातु लट लकार के रूप लिखो / याद करो I
  ENGLISH Do Pg no. 1 to 4 in creative writing book
  S.ST Mark plain mountains on the physical map of India
  H. LIT Complete Ch- 3 in book
VI SCIENCE Read Ch- Fibre to fabric
  SANSKRIT पठ धातु वर्तमान व भविष्यत काल
  COMPUTER Do Q/A of Ch- 21
  ENGLISH Read L- 2 Home sweet home
  S.ST Read L-2 & learn L-1
  H. LIT Complete Ch- 3 in book 
VII SCIENCE Read Ch- Water
  SANSKRIT Ch- 2 do Q 4 in copy
  H. LIT पाठ - 3 पुस्तक कार्य, अभ्यास कार्य तथा पर्यायवाची लिखिए I
VIII SCINECE Read Ch- Synthetic fibre & plastic
  SANSKRIT शब्द रूप साधु लिखो और याद करो I
  H. LIT Do Q/A of Ch- 3 and do exercises