Hurry Up!!Registrations open from December 21, 2018 for the session 2019-20 for classes Nursery- VIII.

Today's Homework                                                                            Date: 16.11.19

I MATHS Do pg no. 110, 111 in book
  ENGLISH Learn Poem Cat in hat
III A E. LIT Learn Ch- 11 (w/m + q/a)
  MATHS Practice any 10 questions on mixed bag
III B H. LIT Write h/w & w/m of Ch- 16
  ENGLISH Read Ch- 9 The story of silk
IV A E. LIT Make sentences in n/b
IV B ENGLISH Learn h/w & w/m of C- 9
  HINDI पाठ- मेहनत की कमाई के कठिन शब्द याद करो I
V A ENGLISH Read Ch- 8 & Learn Q/A & W/M
V B ENGLISH Do Ex of pg no. 78 , 80 in English w/b
  SANSKRIT पाठ- 10 माध्यम पुरुष कके शब्दार्थ लिखो I
VI MATHS Do Ex 13. 2 in n/b
  ENGLISH Do key terms of L- 8 Across three Millenia
  S.ST Read Ch- 17
VIII S.ST Read Ch- 8 and do key terms