Registrations open from December 5, 2017 for the session 2018- 19 for classes Nursery- VIII.

 TODAY'S HOMEWORK                                                                 DATE: 21.08.18

NURSERY MATHS Write counting 1 to 5

Do pg no. 36 & 37

Learn counting 1 to 100

K.G. ENGLISH Do pg no. 30
  HINDI Do the given work in n/b
  MATHS Do pg no. 5
I MATHS Do worksheet  Pg no. 5 & 6
  ENGLISH Learn h/w of L- 3 Raju's Auto Rickshaw
II A MATHS Do Q no.1 & 2 pg no. 125 in book
  E.V.S Learn different words of Ch- 6
  H. RANGOLI Learn six lines of poem Tiranga 
III A MATHS Do the given work in n/b
  E. LIT Learn L- 6
  E.V.S Learn L- 1
III B E. LANG Do pg no. 18, 19 Prepare the topic 'Genders' for Friday test
  MATHS Learn table of 16
  H. LIT Complete Ch-11
IV A MATHS Do Q2. of Ex 7 c
  E. LIT Read and learn w/m of L-5
  SCIENCE Learn L- 3 in Science
IV B S.ST Learn Ch- 4
  H. LIT  
V MATHS Do Ex- 6 D Q1. e, f, g, Q2. e, f, g in h/w n/b
  E.LIT Read Ch- 6 and underline h/w


Write h/w of Ch- 8
VI MATHS Do Ex- 8.1
  H. LIT Ch- 10 Pg no. 67 do Q no. 1
  ENGLISH Learn w/m of Ch- 2
VII MATHS Revise Ch- 3 (data handling)
  H. LIT Make sentences of Ch- 9
  SANSKRIT Ch- 9 do pg no. 62
VIII  MATHS Revise Ch- 1 
  SANSKRIT Make sentences by seeing the picture
VIII B MATHS Prepare Ch- 1
  SCIENCE Ch- 2 Polynomial for test 
VIII C MATHS Prepare Ch- Arthimetic progression for test
  H. LIT  Read Poem तोप' h/w